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With just over 300 children on roll the school comprises of 11 classes and we are very proud to have, as part of the school, a Special Resourced Provision (SRP) for children who are physically disabled - all of whom are fully integrated into the mainstream classrooms. These are not the only children in school who have special needs; there are those with learning, emotional or behavioural difficulties, but these children are not part of the SRP, though still fully integrated into the mainstream classes.


It is the policy of the school to encourage co-operative teaching wherever possible and great care is taken each year in the placement of staff and organisation of classes.


Teaching groups are fluid, consisting of as many children as is best for a given situation. Each class is supported by a full-time teaching assistant. This also ensures that each child receives a high degree of adult time and attention enabling every child to get the maximum help.

We believe that children learn through real situations and therefore we try to provide a thought provoking, well planned environment, tooled to cater for the individual needs of each child. It is important that we do not lose sight of the fact that individual children's worries, problems and/or special needs may interfere with the quality of their learning. We try to remain aware of this and sensitive to the implications.


We offer a wide curriculum to afford every child the opportunity to experience success. We believe that children are instruments of their own learning and structure our day and equip our classrooms to give each child the motivation he or she needs. We hope too, that they will enjoy learning, will want to go on learning and will be equipped to do so.


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