The personal and social development of each child is at the heart of the school

vision. Throughout the school year the children actively engage in different

fundraising events, that are very pertinent to the Westlea community.

Representatives from each charity write to the children, visit school and are

happy to deliver assemblies.

Westlea supports two Swindon Based charities:

Swindon Threshold is Swindon's Homeless Charity. The charity aims to end homelessness within Swindon and to help vulnerable people create a better life and independence. All donations from the KS1 Nativity performances and the KS2 Christmas Church service are given to the charity, due to remembering that Mary and Joseph were homeless refugees.

Swindon Foodbank - every year donations from the Harvest Festival and at

Christmas are given to the local Foodbank.

Chernobyl Children in Need (CCIN) - is an International Charity to help to alleviate children who are suffering in areas of Belarus, which are still affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster. The charity raises money to fund projects to advance the welfare of children. The Charity funds innovative projects using donated resources from companies and individuals within the UK and these projects are for schools, hospitals and orphanages in the surrounding area that would not otherwise be available.

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Fundraising and Social Development of Pupils

Other charities the school has supported in the past two years are ....