Our Curriculum - September 2021

The Rainbow Curriculum is a curriculum of hope, designed by our Headteacher to rebuild and re establish the whole school community. The curriculum combines the rationale behind 'Philosophy 4 Children' and the 5 principles of the Recovery Curriculum, designed by Professor Barry Carpenter:



Transparent Learning




From September 2020, the school provided an enhanced nurturing and safe haven for the children. Learning experiences will be targeted, stimulating and thought provoking. The Rainbow Curriculum will unite the school using reflection, enquiry, pictures and words from two texts: Here we Are and The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse.

The daily timetable was revised to include time for sharing, physical activity, purposeful mindfulness and celebrating positivity.

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Our Curriculum - going forward

We have updated our curriculum ready for September 2021 with a variety of new exciting texts and topics! We will be incorporating an enquiry based learning approach and metacognition into our lessons to help engage inspire our pupils. Please contact your class teacher or the school office for more information.