Special Resourced Provision (SRP)

At Westlea Primary School there is a Special Resourced Provision (SRP) for Physically Disabled (PD) Pupils. Currently, there are 10 pupils in the SRP, from YR to Y6 From January 2020.

Mrs. Edmonds is the co-ordinator of the SRP, working alongside Miss Douglas. There is a fabulous team of Teaching Assistants to help her ensure that all the needs of the physically disabled pupils are being met.

We work with a range of different health care professionals and other agencies to ensure all of the children’s needs are met.

We are a very active and busy bunch, but we have lots of fun! Check out the pics from our SRP Swimming!  🏊

In April 2018 we had our SRP monitoring visit. Here are the findings from some of the previous SRP audit visits:

  • the SRP represents good value for money
  • learners in the SRP experience a very inclusive model of provision and most make expected or better progress
  • the learners would not be well placed in the Borough’s special schools because, with appropriate support, they are able to access a mainstream curriculum
  • learners placed in the provision benefit from particular adjustments which would not be generally available in mainstream schools. They have access to an adapted curriculum when appropriate, for example, in PE
  • children in the provision benefit from the good role models, including good behaviours for learning, demonstrated by peers without special educational needs
  • the very inclusive ethos which has a positive impact on the whole school community and allows children in the SRP full access to mainstream schooling
  • staff in the SRP are flexible in their approach, highly skilled and confident in their dealings with children in the SRP to support their complex needs. They have high expectations of what the children can achieve

“Thank you so much for making his start to school so welcoming and successful,we are very happy that we chose Westlea too, we couldn’t have hoped for a better start and for more enthusiastic and friendly staff.”

“As always when I speak to anyone they cannot praise you all enough for the work you do with him at Westlea and how you get the work just right for him. Thank you all, as always.”

“Pleased with what you are doing with him at school and feel that you structure his day really well, that is helping him a lot.”

“We absolutely love your school.”

There are good transition procedures in place with pre-schools, between classes/key stages within school, to/from other schools and secondary schools. These transition procedures may include:

  • extra induction
  • visits by both pupil and staff to/from both settings
  • information shared
  • questions answered
  • transition meetings held and attended
  • a photo book for pupil to have prior to starting school/transferring

Staff from 3 different secondary schools have reported successful smooth transitions for SRP pupils; with 1 commenting that the transition document they received was the most detailed and informative they had ever had.

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