The school has a Dress Code and School uniform is expected to be worn by all children as a matter of school policy – this includes hair being tied back, no trainers or casual wear. A copy of the Dress Code is available from the school office.

​The advantages of this are:

  • a pride in the school
  • less competition between those who can afford highly expensive clothing and those who cannot
  • less of a tussle in the mornings on “What shall we wear today?”
  • school uniform is hard wearing and more cost effective.

School uniform is available from ‘The Famous School Branches’ in Swindon town centre. The shop is open Monday to Saturday, 9am until 5pm.

Alternatively, you can call them on 0161 476 7216 or order online at www.monkhouse.com

The Headteacher does have items of secondhand school clothing that can be passed on to families free of charge.


Burgundy fleece/ jumper/ cardigan/ sweatshirt

White blouse/ poloshirt

Grey/black skirt/ trousers or pinafore dress
Gingham dress (burgundy)

Black shoes (no open toe sandals)


Burgundy fleece, jumper or sweatshirt

White shirt/polo shirt

Black/grey trousers

Black shoes (not trainers)

In Summer, shorts and white polo-shirts may be worn.